How to observe a web page?

Enter website url in the first text field on the main page, and your email address in the second field. Choose what you want to monitor: entire page or particular element in the website, then hit "Observe" to start monitoring. If you choose "Selected element", you will be asked to select page element you want to monitor.
When finished, you will receive a message every time the content changes - selected element or entire web page.

How can I unsubscribe?

Click the "Unsubscribe" link on the bottom of the notification email.

What does it mean to monitor entire page, entire website or selected element?

Page-level monitoring means you will be notified on any text change on given web page. We're monitoring only human-visible text, which is typically most interesting part of any web page - html tags, images, scripts and styles are not monitored.
Be careful when subscribing to page-level monitoring - you may receive many notifications on some insignificant content changes like weather forecasts or exchange rates, often embedded in web pages. Don't worry, you may always unsubscribe by hitting the link on the bottom of the notification email. To avoid this you should monitor specific page element instead - choose "Selected element" radio button and then select the element you want to watch in the window below.

A web page doesn't load properly after choosing "Selected element"

Sadly, we must admit it may happen. Some web pages generate content dynamically with client-side scripts, which makes it difficult to monitor. Send us a link to the page via contact form and we'll see what we can do.