Attention, Elon Musk fans! There's a new way to follow your idol - or anyone else

Elon Musk has 130 mln followers on Twitter and his account is certainly among most popular on the platform. No wonder, the guy founded several very innovative businesses, he's super rich and known for his direct, sometimes controversial and rude style.

You can love him, or you can hate him. But you cannot ignore him.

Interestingly, he only follows - at the time of writing - 183 Twitter accounts. Huge disproportion compared to 130 mln of his followers. It's not a secret who is Elon following - you can easily check that on Twitter. Also, when you follow his profile, you get a notification whenever Elon posts something - or at least it shows on your feed. However, what Twitter won't inform you is:

  • it won't notify you when he follows a new profile
  • or when his followers count changes
  • or when he finally writes a bio on his profile :)

Thankfully, you can easily have all of this with a web monitoring service. Just go to the, enter url of the profile into the address bar and hit GO! Then select a piece of page you are specifically interested in, leave your email address - and that's it!
Rest assured, when something changes on your idol's profile, you'll be the first to know :)

I've been observing car tires prices for the last 12 months and here's what I found

Last year I needed new tires for my old Volvo. In Poland we have this very popular online tires shop:
Being naturally curious, I started tracking prices on that site and here are some interesting conclusions:

  • prices change very often, typically every couple of days. I saw one summer tires, which - over just 8 days - went from 431 PLN to 654 PLN, and then back to 431 PLN. That's for single tire, typically you would need 4 of them ;)
  • this means that it pays to be patient. Don't buy immediately, because you need them right now, today or tomorrow. Wait a bit, observe how the price changes - you can save a lot of money!
  • also, it seems prices change depending on season: summer tires mentioned above were cheapest from Feb to Apr (300+ PLN) and more expensive from May to Jul (400-600 PLN)
  • overall: it looks like it pays to buy summer tires during winter/spring season, and winter tires during summer/autumn. And also don't rush, don't pay the first price you see, take your time and observe how the price changes

Looking for a job? Here's how to receive an alert as soon as they post a new job offer

Looking for a job is a bit like hunting in the wild. When an interesting offer appears, you need to act quickly: send your resume, be among first candidates to reply.
It may sound silly, but this is the reality for so many companies: let's hire quickly, before they cut the budget!
First matching candidate gets the job, others often won't even get a "Thank You" message.

Also, many companies don't even use HR/headhunting agencies. Often they won't even post to LinkedIn. They'd just post an offer on their website and that's it. After all, if candidates are flowing in, why make the extra effort?
These are mostly government institutions, schools, universities, research facilities, non-profit organizations or various small to medium companies which utilize traditional recruiting channels like personal references or word-of-mouth.

In such cases - it pays to be fast. The one who spots the offer first, wins! Just go to, enter your dream company's website address - specifically the page listing current open positions, select piece of the page where offers are listed, and that's it.
Start preparing for the interview, and we'll let you know as soon as new offer appears on the page.

A little trick to improve family's life: monitoring school's lunch menu

Our kids often ask what's in their school's menu. The school publishes a weekly menu typically at the end of the week - for the next week. They are not very consistent however. Sometimes they would publish on Friday afternoon. Sometimes on Sunday evening. You never know when. It looks like the person responsible for this task does it in their private time and it's hard to expect consistency.

So, each time they asked, I used to check the website and tell them if it's there or not. At some point I thought: it's a bit crazy to do this kind of repetitive task in the 21st century. Computers are all around us, doing more and more work for us.

What if I could have a computer check the lunch menu web page, and send me a message to my WhatsApp as soon as new menu is published?

As it turns out, that's easily doable with a web content monitoring solution like You just go to the website, enter your school's menu web page address, and select the menu on the web page, so the service knows what to observe. You can also select notification delivery method (email, WhatsApp, Messenger) and checks frequency.

That's it. The service would keep checking the page for you, and let you know as soon as the content changes. You just saved a little bit of time, and also it's one small thing less to remember about in your busy and complex life!

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